TM Gestión de Transporte EN

TM Transport Management


  • To solve the management of the transport process from beginning to end built on a robust platform.
  • To manage the complete processes such as transport reservation, utilization and follow-up, management of evidence of receipt, invoice and payment, either in national or international trips with multimodal transport scenarios.
  • To extend existing functionalities that you control from loading goods to logistic service providers.


  • Daily support to warehouse operations.
  • Reduction of reception and shipment times.
  • To support the management of the complete cycle from the creation of the offer, its reception and confirmation, planning, execution and follow-up of transport, event control, and management of freight charges in a single system.
  • Optimization of complex routes with full visibility of assets including tractor trucks, trailers, dollies or containers as well as drivers.
  • Multiple bidding strategies supported as peer-to-peer, public or open.
  • Freight Management: Supports all aspects of the purchase/sale of transport services. I would like more information
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