SAP Document Compliance

SAP Document Compliance The best-suited solution for the electronic documents from SAP ERP

 Manage transactional and analytical tax requirements with compliance documentation, calculation, and validation.


tax requirements with compliance documentation

It is a legal requirement in many countries that companies must issue business documents electronically to business partners and/or legal authorities such as Delivery Notes, Invoices, Credit Memo, Debit Memo, Tax Certificates etc.

In addition, some countries require companies to send data of their VAT (Value Added Tax) register books to Tax Authorities.

To meet above mentioned legal compliance requirements in countries where companies are obliged to generate documents electronically, SAP offers Document compliance solution.
  • Does your company have presence in several countries?
  • Are you ready to comply with the fiscal requirements of each country?
  • Did you know that SAP has the tools to support your company with these processes?
SAP Document compliance solution is used to create eDocuments, that is, to transform transactional data created in SAP ECC or S/4HANA system into predefined exchange formats and transfer it electronically to external systems such as to the systems of legal or Tax Authorities.


Solution Overview

SAP Document Compliance

The best-suited solution for the real-time, online exchange of electronic documents from SAP ERP & S/4 HANA due to its holistic, secure and integrated approach that helps companies stay compliant safely, globally and at affordable costs.


SAP Document Compliance

Creation of eDocuments can be broadly classified into two scenarios:

  1. Outgoing (e.g. Customer Invoice, Payment Receipt, Delivery Note)
  2. Incoming (e.g. Vendor Invoice, Invoice Receipt, Goods Receipt)

Solution Landscape – Document Compliance Scenarios

Document Compliance Scenarios

SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) is used as a communication platform to establish communication with external systems (e.g. legal tax authorities systems) by using web services to send data from SAP ECC or S/4HANA and to receive data from external systems. Depending on the country and scenario, SAP Cloud Platform Integration also formats the data to comply with the Web service parameters, signs the document digitally, and establishes a secure connection using SSL. Other key features of CPI are as below

  • Synchronous and asynchronous message exchanges
  • Support for multiple endpoints (service URLs) on the same integration flow
  • Support for several digital signature formats
  • Secure Keystore keeps certificates and credentials on customer’s own tenant
  • Easy compression, encoding and assembling of XML envelopes to comply with the communication standards required by different laws from different countries

Additional Considerations

  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration requires subscription.
  • Solution available for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA

Linktech is an SAP Gold Partner, we have experience in various scenarios such as Implementation of the standard SAP solution to comply with fiscal requirements and eDocument Compliance implementation. We provide also special packages for support services, all of this available for Mexico’s and LATAM subsidiaries.

Get to know our success stories…

  • One single SAP Partner to handle the support for USMexico and LATAM operations, no need to have an extra local partner. SAP Center of Excellence, SAP-certifiedresources with vast experience in implementation projects, Rollouts, RDS solutions and innovative SAP solutions.
  • SAP Software factory focused on developments and enhancements according to different regions and compliance regulations.
  • Low rates for functional and technical seasoned SAP resources
  • 100% Bilingual Resources working remotely available onsite when needed.
  • With a wide range of knowledge complying with the Mexico & LATAM regulations
  • More than 50 successful compliance projects with global companies

Adaptability to any industry

We know that implementing and supporting in Mexico is a complicated task due to the changing governmental regulations regarding billing, electronic accounting and tax reporting, since they generate effects and impact on the ERP processes. At Linktech, we have been involved since the beginning of the implementation of SAP in Mexico as part of an expansion strategy of a global company, with a strategic vision in the face of changing legislation. *SAP Source

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